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About us

LINKitNET is a full service provider of web and mobile technologies dedicated to creating useful and effective customer-centric solutions.

We are a team of technical consultants, programmers and designers with expertise in different spheres and business industries, specializing in software development, website development, web design and mobile applications.

According to the name of our company, which is made up of a combination of the English words link(connect), it ("just what is needed") and net ("with the Internet") - we strive to create future-oriented Solutions to address complex business problems while providing an excellent consumer experience.

Over the years, our desire for improvement has prompted us to constantly seek and absorb new technologies that enable us to provide solutions that are available to different platforms and devices.

Each project for us is a challenge in which we strive to surpass ourselves and present a product of high quality that brings added value to our customers.

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